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The Palin Chronic(les)

Disclaimer: I have not read and have no intention of reading Sarah Palin’s “book”. Based upon every review I’ve read and my own personal dislike of the former Republican Vice Presidential hopeful, my time would be better spent rubbing Purell … Continue reading

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Joe the Plumber: SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Joe says he felt “dirty” because of the McCain campaign. Sure, confront Obama over something that’s not true, then build a web of lies around you, and BLAMMO! John McCain is the bad guy? You bought into this, sir. At … Continue reading

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Jumping across the partisan divide

Ayn Rand may have feared it, but John McCain is working with Barack Obama and President-elect Obama’s transition office has a statement: “At this defining moment in history, we believe that Americans of all parties want and need their leaders … Continue reading

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Dear Senator McCain,

After seeing the campaign side of you since last winter, last night I felt a little skeptical about what your speech in Phoenix was to be composed. However, what America saw last night was the John McCain I had grown … Continue reading

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McCain-Palin still running Joe the Plumber meme

Just seen on FiveThirtyEight: McCain’s campaign’s continued use of the Joe the Plumber meme confounds me, largely because Joe the Plumber turned out to be a near total fraud. So, back-tax-owing Americans, ready for your tax break from John McCain? … Continue reading

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Big Ten shock

The Big Ten poll has some shocking numbers, so shocking that Matt Drudge won’t touch them, putting Barack Obama ahead by double digits in all of the states they polled. Big Ten Battleground Poll So say we slide those Indiana … Continue reading

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I’ll take "Give Me a Reason Why We Should Trust You Now" for $500, John.

You really have to hand it to John McCain. He’s got this proclivity to either to be mendacious or point out the obvious, and lately he’s been tottering between both. Senator McCain, I want to know what your influence was … Continue reading

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