But first, read this.

blogginryan is the nom de blog of Ryan LaFountain, currently of Roanoke, Virginia, and erstwhile of Blacksburg, Virginia; Athens, Georgia; and Cleveland, Ohio. But, truth be told, I am originally from Rouses Point, New York. I have been blogging about this and that since 2004, dealing mostly with state and national politics, sometimes waxing philosophical. Every now and again, something from the series of tubes pops up that I’ll want to share.

I love politics. And beer. Sometimes mixed together. The last major blog project I engaged in was Drafts and Draughts, focusing on those two loves. Beer may come up here every now and then. In December 2006, I was named Cleveland.com’s blog of the week and I haven’t shut up about it since.

My political tastes lie to the left of center for nearly everything in American politics. I say nearly everything because there theoretically may be something where my beliefs are to the right of center, I just haven’t discovered if that theoretical something exists. My beer tastes lie across all spectra – from ales to stouts, weissbiers to porters, PBR to St Bernardus. Just don’t get me started on Natural Light. Please. Don’t.

As for my real life, I’ve worked in the credit union movement for over a decade, I serve on the Board of Directors for Mental Health America Roanoke Valley, serve as the Treasurer of the Roanoke City Democratic Committee, and love volunteering in my community. Every now and again I might post something that pertains to my real life. If I feel like it.

That’s it and that’s all, for now at least.