I don’t even know what to say.

I haven’t had much to say in a while because, to be honest, I’m not sure what to say anymore. These times have made me feel like a confused old man: the world has been taken over by scary people and it takes every bit of strength in me to not let fear win the day. How else can such a feeling be appropriately expressed? We live in a time where enough people in enough locations across the United States chose to vote for a manifestly incompetent fool to become President of this country. And, thanks to the 18th century design of our laws, that manifestly incompetent fool is now merely days away from being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.

It would be sufficiently bad enough were the man merely manifestly incompetent, but he is not merely manifestly incompetent. On top of mere incompetence, the man has no capacity for restraint or self-reflection – constantly bickering with those he feels wounded by via smart phone app. Moreover, the man makes no mistake about it: he intends to be deceitful. When confronted with words that he said, he denies them, in the face of recorded proof. No “journalist” in this country has dared stand up to this loud-mouthed thug to truthfully expose the ceaseless deceit. The man soon to be elevated to the highest office in this country fed the fire of hate and welcomed people whose hearts are filled with fear and hatred of others, bringing out the worst in what is mythologized as the great melting pot.

It turns out that the melting pot is still trying to differentiate itself. Finding ourselves in 2016, going into 2017, having to work out demons that we thought had been exorcised long ago is a frightening task. In the light of those individuals whose fear has delivered us into the hands of the orangenointed one, we must act with due deliberateness and consideration, so that we may fight our battles effectively.

With that being said, I’d like to mention an annoyance that seems to crop up every two years. Yes, the elections to the United States House of Representatives is a tedious and disgusting task, made even more repulsive by the declamations of those who say that the House is the democratic institution of our legislature. Let’s get serious – when a Representative has a district that is more populous than some states, the body that purports to be democratic is certainly not. Let’s consider Virginia. In the House of Representative elections of 2016, 50.22% of Virginians chose a Democrat to be sent to the House, 49.78% chose a Republican. However, of Virginia’s Congressional delegation, 7 are Republicans and 4 are Democrats. North Carolina provides an even more staggering picture. In 2016, 46.6% of North Carolinians chose a Democratic candidate and 53.22% chose a Republican candidate, with the balance going to independent or 3rd party candidates. In an ideal world, North Carolina would then send 6 Democrats and 7 Republicans to the Capitol. However, here in Panem, District Thir– I mean, North Carolina actually is sending 10 Republicans and 3 Democrats to the Capitol. California has the opposite happen – they would be sending 6 fewer Democrats and 6 more Republicans if their Congressional delegation was sent by proportional representation of the whole state and not through geographically meaningless doodles on a map.

Eh. I’m tired. It’s time to resist.



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