Roanoke, you’re where I wanna be

Still feeling a strong buzz from yesterday’s Winter(X) events, I can say that after listening to everyone present and the feedback from the audience Roanoke is where I want to be. The Star City, the Magic City, the Noke. I love this city with a love that now exceeds that which I have for Cleveland. For anyone who knows me, you know that’s a big deal. When I see the engagement in Roanoke, I see people who are passionate about wanting to be engaged, people who are acting with intentionality in their engagement, people who want to know other stories. And that’s amazing and awesome and so many other positive adjectives. Now, this isn’t to say that Roanoke doesn’t have people who aren’t engaged, because we do have people who are disengaged. We have people who don’t care. BUT – there are so, so many people who do care, who love this city, who are its lifeblood.

Before I moved to Southwest VA in 2011, the only thing I thought that existed in Southwest VA were coal mines. Seriously. It was a radically and stupidly simplistic view of the area simply because I was ignorant to its truths. Now, almost four years later, I wonder how I haven’t been here all my life, because Roanoke, more than anywhere else, feels like home. And baby, Roanoke, you’re where I wanna be.

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