A day of service

There is no amount of work that I can do as an individual that can come near to the work that was started and to some measure accomplished by the civil rights leaders of the 1960s. For that reason, it sometimes feels like doing volunteer work on Martin Luther King, Jr, Day seems an act of vanity. But within due context, it shouldn’t be. If you are a member of a community and you are dedicated to causing and creating a better neighborhood, environment or world, then every step in that process is an act of bravery and an act of betterment.

Sure, none of us individually may be a fantastic leader, but the fantastic leaders of the past didn’t operate within a vacuum. Fantastic leaders operate with a fantastic group of people who support them; we each play our role and each role is important, no matter how small we may feel that role is. Whether it’s cleaning out a riverbed (done that) or hanging drop ceiling tiles at a youth center (also have done that), every little bit goes a way. And if we all collectively throw our little bits together, then our efforts to improve our respective communities goes a long way.

So, we may not be fighting for civil rights, in constant danger of being murdered by those who seek to maintain a status quo of hatred or of complete and lazy obeisance to capital, but we do seek to change worlds. Every little bit counts. Because little bits add up.


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