A Brief Foray into the Chik-fil-a Fray

At this point, I think we’re all aware of the hubbub and furor surrounding Dan Cathy’s comments regarding gay marriage and how the money consumers pay Chik-fil-a for those buttered bun and fried chicken sandwiches eventually makes its way to organizations devoted to keeping the rights and privileges – and they are many – conferred by marriage to heterosexual couples. I’ve known about Chik-fil-a’s leanings since I moved to Georgia in 2007 and found out about the groups that Cathy and the Chik-fil-a board give to last fall. I haven’t eaten Chik-fil-a since. I think Cathy’s position is indefensible and relies on picking and choosing which parts of the bible he wants to listen to. Fine – that’s his prerogative. It is my prerogative to not fund Cathy’s exploits in inequality by not eating Chik-fil-a. Moreover, it is the prerogative of all people to tell whoever they want their opinions about the matter and whether or not the other party listens, well, that’s up to them. One thing that has gone on in this whole mess that is not right is city leaders denying  Chik-fil-a to do business in Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. If the people should speak, let them speak with their wallets. If Chik-fil-a folds, it should be taken as an indication that the market rejects them – and as well they should.

Jon Stewart, per usual, hits the nail square on the head. (I can’t seem to figure out how to post the video, so here’s a link to it: The Daily Show – August 2, 2012 – Fast Feud Nation.)

I will admit, it did bother me to see the pictures of the lines of people wrapped around Chik-fil-a. Now, granted, I can’t assume that this was the case at every location, it was disheartening nonetheless.

So now the choice is yours: do you continue going to Chik-fil-a, because of or despite what they fund or do you stop? Remember – activism is more than one act. True activism is a habit. It’s like those bogus “nobody get gas today” days – they don’t work if you only do it once. But if you do or don’t get gas (or Chik-fil-a) and continue to get or not get gas (or Chik-fil-a), then you’ve won.


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