One more time.

Mitt Romney has been under fire from Democrats and some Republicans for not being more forthcoming with his tax returns/accounts/etc. This is nothing new, as he has been under attack for this unwillingness to be forthcoming to the American people regarding how he makes and invests his money since the Republican primaries of 2008. I don’t think there is a way that Mr. Romney can get ahead in this matter, either. If he has offshore accounts where he’s been able to dodge paying taxes on investment income, disclosing these accounts and records will likely further alienate him from a public that already considers him to be of dubious authenticity and relatability. If he doesn’t disclose his records, the public will see him as hiding something.

What am I getting at?

If you’re going to make certain gains and then run for President, cover all your bases and either 1) do not let these gains appear to be ill-gotten or b) launder the ever-living crap out of it and whitewash it. Of course, I think most of us would prefer 1) over b) – but if you’re going to lie to us, at least do a better job of it. That’s the thing about George W Bush that I disliked the most. It was clear he was lying to us about reasons for invading Iraq – he made no effort to make the threat plausibly real. He counted on us to be stupid and unquestioning enough to not care. That’s what Romney’s trying to pull. If you’re going to lie, go all Bill Clinton on us and at least seem authentic in your lying. Because at least you’d be trying. And at the very least, a little trying is what we deserve.

Now that I have wireless access on my computer over lunch at work, I will try my best to post on A SEMIREGULAR basis. Whether I will actually follow through or not… well, per usual, that remains to be seen.


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