Manning Enters No Plea

Bradley Manning, who 2 years ago leaked  hundreds of thousands of secret documents to Wikileaks, has entered no plea in his trial at Fort Meade. I’m of split mind when it comes to this trial. To me, it seems like that when you join the armed forces, you surrender a bit of freedom of conscience. Upon further consideration, I understand that some kids join the armed forces for want of a better option and I can understand that. What I don’t get on any level is how this kid was able to obtain this data. Is he some sort of computer wizard that hacked his way into the system and yoinked them? If so, keep him in the Army and get him on the eWarfare train. Or was it a matter of the information being that unsecured?

It’s that second thought I’m inclined to believe and it’s that second thought that scares me. Or enemies will be just as determined – if not moreso – to get their hands on this information and even if they don’t have a useful tool in the system, that a low-level enlisted kid could get this is mind-blowing and should give pause to both the politicians directing the military’s budgets and the officers in charge.

It’s been a while since I’ve read up on the Manning case. Surely there’s got to be something covering those questions.


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