So, Here I Am Again, Writing Here.

After some thoughtful consideration, I’ve decided to bring back. I’ve bounced between the ideas of bringing back Drafts and Draughts, resurrecting blogginryan on blogspot, and cutting a new trail. This is probably the best middle ground I could think of. I like the WordPress format better than Blogger, but Drafts and Draughts was going to be too much to resurrect.

So this is it! The umpteenth time at trying to refocus and write. We’ll see if this attempt is any more successful than the last time.

(Insert screed about Santormney.)

Okay, so I’m not feeling it quite yet. I mean, what hasn’t been said about Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum (or Newt or Ron Paul) that hasn’t been said? Mitt is slimey. Rick lives in the 1450s. Newt lives on the Moon. Ron Paul… well, has his contingent of young people whom heretofore would have called themselves anarchists, but now just shill for Ron Paul because they’ve deluded themselves with the idea that Ron Paul is going to relieve them of their oppression.

And Barack Obama? He’s okay. Given the complete mess that his policies have been able to slowly – but surely – fix, I’m still more than happy to vote for him in November. And to be sure, I’m not living in some sort of fantasy world where we have full employment and we’re not waging wars – small or large – across the globe. Things aren’t perfect, but they’re much better than where we were in 2008 and much better than the conditions that a Republican would bring if you believe any of their rhetoric.

So, that’s where BlogginRyan is. Where are you?


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