Utah Gov. Huntsman: Credit where credit is due.

Jon Huntsman, the Republican governor of Utah, laid out the truest and most realistic assessment of his party’s current state in a piece with the Washington Times.

Calling congressional GOP leadership “inconsequential”, Gov Huntsman calls out his party’s lack of principle, particularly in regards to spending, during the Bush administration and admonishes them for their hypocrisy in calling out Democrats for spending. Unlike Mark Sanford of South Carolina, Huntsman has no intention of turning away money from Washington, despite misgivings about the effects of the stimulus on government “size”. The video embedded into the article is worth a watch.

Governor Huntsman gives a very refreshing take on what a real party in opposition should do, instead of pouting and behaving like a group of petulant four-year olds. The GOP needs more Huntsmans and fewer Sanfords, Boehners, McConnells, and, based on his reaction to the non-State of the Union, Jindals. Republicans, please be a party of active and creative opposition and not one of petulance and ignorance.

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