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Score one for team Kucinich

Every now and again, I think Dennis Kucinich has a terrific idea. This is one of them. Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich teamed up with Texas GOP Rep. Ted Poe on Thursday to demand that the Treasury Department force Citigroup … Continue reading

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1, 2, 3 strikes, Blago’s out.

Convicted. 59-0.

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Today is Martin Luther King, Jr, Day, January 19, 2009. All across Athens this morning, from 9am to noon, and even going into this afternoon, people of all races gathered in common cause. We chose to participate in Athens’ MLK … Continue reading

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Left-wingnutters and Muslim terrorists: Starbucks funds Israel

This has millions of levels of what the hell written all over it: The Protocols of the Elders of Java. Please read the article and apply some critical thought to it. Reading it brought two things to mind: the power … Continue reading

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Voinovich to retire after completing term

Stephen Koff from the Plain Dealer has it: It’s official: Voinovich to retire from Senate after 2010 Thoughts: Senator Voinovich has done a decent job working together with Senator Sherrod Brown recently, cobbling together ideas in the last two months … Continue reading

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