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I am not going to take your money. Nor will 99.99999% of the Jews you meet. Sure, Madoff is Jewish. And he engaged in massive amounts of fraud. But so did Ken Lay. And what was he? Born into a … Continue reading

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New link on the ‘roll

At the left you’ll find a link to Robert Reich’s Blog. Reich was the 22nd Secretary of Labor, serving during the Clinton administration.

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for post three hundred:

BlagoBlago WaggoHe’s the greatest guy in history From theTown of SpringfieldHe’s about to hit a chestnut tree TPM has a timeline on the events leading up to Wacky Blaggy’s birthday. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, sad, nay, distraught as they … Continue reading

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Worst prognostications of the year:

Foreign Policy has its top 10 list of worst predictions. Once you look over the list, just savor for once how Liberals were mostly right this year, esp re: Jim Cramer and Bill Kristol. And speaking of Kristol, what qualifications … Continue reading

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Joe the Plumber: SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Joe says he felt “dirty” because of the McCain campaign. Sure, confront Obama over something that’s not true, then build a web of lies around you, and BLAMMO! John McCain is the bad guy? You bought into this, sir. At … Continue reading

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Blagojevich (n), synonymous with:

I hope the reports of Rahm turning the dogs on this fool are true. Blagojevich deserves to have the big fat book thrown at him multiple times.

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Apologies to all five readers; I’ve been sick the last several days and pithy thoughts just aren’t happening… That said, I would like to note with sadness, and be the 121st person to do so, that Redhorse and the stable … Continue reading

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