The Count! Now with heat!

Our heat has finally been turned on! So much for trying to make it through the winter w/o having to get it turned on.

Anyway, Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Special was awesome. Toby Keith’s song, I must sadly admit, was pretty loltastic… and Willie. Well, Willie was Willie, and Willie is as Willie does, that’s what my mama always said. John Legend’s nutmeg song was also chuckletastic on lollerskates.

Anyway (2), Geithner for SecTreas is interesting; that the choice “inspires” the market is a little off-putting, though. I mean seriously, I could bottle farts and sell them for ripe profit in order to inspire the market. I want the man to inspire us to change, to get us off the free-market-free-for-all that got us here.

Doesn’t seem like that will happen, judging investor response.

It has been


days since Paul Broun proved himself unworthy to serve in Congress.

LaFountain for Congress 2010.

Not really. :-/



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