True Dreams of Wichita

A church in Wichita, Kansas, is asserting that America has a Muslim president and it is sin.

Shouting Match Over Church’s Obama Sign

Exodus 20 is the 1st statement of the decalogue in the 5 Books of Moses (using Christian terminology for this bit, y’all.) Exodus 20:3, for those who don’t know, is: You shall have no other gods before(besides) me.*

I mean, I get it, but no. Fact of the matter is, Barack Obama is a Christian. Remember the Rev. Wright pot that was stirred in the primaries? Christian. I’m sure everyone who read my blog knows that Obama is Christian, so I don’t know why I’m going on about it, but Barack Obama is a Christian. Not a Muslim.

Oh yeah, and Moses was addressing the Israelites. Christians are not Israelites. Y’all don’t want to bother keeping the other laws of the Torah, why bother with those ten?

Even if Obama were a Muslim, bear in mind that per tradition, they also worship the G-d of Abraham. Wait, you’re telling me they don’t teach that in the creationist schools of Kansas? NO WAI! Yes, Virginia, Isaac and Ishmael were half brothers. Ishmael and Hagar… yeah. Remember that in Genesis? I’m sure you do.

Same G-d.


*Translation from New Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, 2004, Hendrickson Publishers

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