A Call to Power! or "Yes, we can" becomes "Yes, we must"

I suppose saying “Congratulations” to Senator Obama would be a little egotistical of me, expecting him and Senator Biden to thank me personally would be even moreso… anyway, congrats Senators Obama and Biden. What was unimaginable in the minds of most over a year ago is now a reality for America. We should rightly be proud of this, I know I am.

However what has gotten us to this point, the collapse of Wall Street banks, the collapse of the housing market, the global crisis of credit, and overall economic malaise afflicting the nation and the global still stands very real. Over the next two months, you will be able to construct a battle plan to go into your first 100 days so that at the very least we will have the leadership our nation has been lacking for the last eight years.

Yes, we can.

You have been ordained by the American people to lead.

Yes, we must.

We have problems. But as it goes, “There is nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what is right with America.” Use the government to perform the good of the public, and not the good of your selves like the current administration.

Yes, we will.

I have faith in you, Senators Obama and Biden. You are two brilliant minds who are articulate and strong, who know the great force of good that a properly working government can do for its people. A government needn’t be the nanny state that George Bush would rail against yet (inadvertently?) create in order for good to come from it. Nor must it necessarily impose excessive taxes in order to meet those goals. A government that works efficiently, that is a government with limited spoils, can accomplish much, even if working in Congressional deadlock.


Our time is now. Let us seize it.



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