I’ll take "Give Me a Reason Why We Should Trust You Now" for $500, John.

You really have to hand it to John McCain. He’s got this proclivity to either to be mendacious or point out the obvious, and lately he’s been tottering between both.

Senator McCain, I want to know what your influence was to keep the excesses of the last 8 years from happening, otherwise I feel no reason why we should trust you. I mean seriously now: you talk the talk of the fiscal conservative, but when your feet
(and Sarah Palin’s) get put to the fire, you’re still sucking on the federal government’s teet for projects. I don’t have a problem with using federal funds for useful projects, but what I do have a problem with is saying you oppose them, but not having the ability to lead your Congressional delegation (at least the 6 AZ Rs) to do the same.

Anyway, back to the point: why should we trust you? You’ve waived your judgment for the President for the last eight years… I haven’t an idea why you think we should waive ours.



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Citizen of Roanoke, Virginia, and the United States.
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