Big Ten shock

The Big Ten poll has some shocking numbers, so shocking that Matt Drudge won’t touch them, putting Barack Obama ahead by double digits in all of the states they polled.

Big Ten Battleground Poll

So say we slide those Indiana EVs away from John McCain and to Barack Obama and we have Obama winning 348 to 190. And thus we have a bonafide landslide in the works. Add to that Quinnipiac having Obama up by 5 in Florida, and we move deeper into landslide territory: Obama 375, McCain 163.

If that’s what it is, I think that’s Obama’s maximum potential for this election cycle. It will be hard for someone to make further inroads in places like Georgia, Texas, West VA, until that someone has 4 years of good leadership under his belt. I wish I could see the future, but I can safely predict November 4 will be a good night for America.


Now with fancy-pants map.



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