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Ohio Issue 6: Casinos Again?

It seems that gaming interests are again running the gambit across the Ohio voting public, two years after that same voting public soundly defeated the fecal matter that was Ohio Issue Three – Learn and Spurn Act. Unlike OL/E (aka … Continue reading

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McCain-Palin still running Joe the Plumber meme

Just seen on FiveThirtyEight: McCain’s campaign’s continued use of the Joe the Plumber meme confounds me, largely because Joe the Plumber turned out to be a near total fraud. So, back-tax-owing Americans, ready for your tax break from John McCain? … Continue reading

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Attention, my 4 readers!

Until healed or too drunk to feel, posting will be limited due to an injury to my right hand. Best. -rl

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Big Ten shock

The Big Ten poll has some shocking numbers, so shocking that Matt Drudge won’t touch them, putting Barack Obama ahead by double digits in all of the states they polled. Big Ten Battleground Poll So say we slide those Indiana … Continue reading

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I’ll take "Give Me a Reason Why We Should Trust You Now" for $500, John.

You really have to hand it to John McCain. He’s got this proclivity to either to be mendacious or point out the obvious, and lately he’s been tottering between both. Senator McCain, I want to know what your influence was … Continue reading

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Less than 13 days away…

… barring an apocalyptic event for Barack Obama, I predict he will be the next President of the United States.

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More questions on the her Palinifcations?

Break ties, Sarah! That’s what you do! That’s it! You’re not a legislator, Mrs. Cheney! Seriously, if you don’t want to play “gotcha”, don’t give wrong answers! In other news, Politico: RNC shells out $150K for Palin fashion, but of … Continue reading

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