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Nexus of capitalism

How about capping everyone’s post-tax income, earned and otherwise, to say… I’ll throw out some arbitrary figure… $5 million? I mean, who really needs more than five million dollars per year? I mean, even figuring conservatively, you can bank a … Continue reading

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Against the Bailouts

Public opinion polling has revealed that the American public is split on the issue of whether or not the federal government should bail ailing financial companies out of the mess they helped to engineer. I am of the portion of … Continue reading

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Grilling Sarah Palin

UPI may claim the banner of 100 years of journalistic excellence, but that estimation is immediately brought into question when you reach “no bloopers” in this article. Let us reveal the “blooper” of Palin’s interview: Not being able to identify … Continue reading

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I heard the news today, oh boy…

A very evangelical Christian woman just told me that there’s going to be a lunar eclipse on the 30th, per the “Jewish” calendar and that the calendar said it was going to be the Jews’ first coming of Jesus, the … Continue reading

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You can paint a turd pink…

… it doesn’t mean it’ll taste like cotton candy. The fact remains that although Governor Palin defies the conventional wisdom of what a conservative is “supposed” to look like, she still tows the Republican ideological line. So yes, Senator Obama … Continue reading

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Thoughts and prayers

My thoughts and prayers are going out to all victims of Hurricane Gustav. Luckily Gustav was only a SS-2 storm when it made landfall west of New Orleans yesterday… damage, from what I’ve heard, appears to be minimal and flooding … Continue reading

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