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Sarah Palin

AKA: John McCain’s ridiculous ploy to pick off disaffected HRC voters. Advertisements

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Stephanie Tubbs Jones, 1949-2008

I had the opportunity to meet Congresswoman Tubbs Jones on several occasions and was able to speak with her at length as well. She was an impassioned woman who cared about her constituents more than all, except her family. I … Continue reading

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Over-reaction of the bear

The Olympics are being played in China. It’s the dog days of summer. Most of America is connected in their disconnection from other worldly affairs, and that’s okay. Those of us who are not so disconnected from the world around … Continue reading

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News from Baldwin-Wallace

A heckler calls Obama out for not ordering the leading of the pledge and then gets pwned by Obama. Unfazed by the heckler, Obama pwns all.

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Hey there President McDumpling

If you ain’t fat, you ain’t my President. Sometimes, it’s just that there are no words. rl.

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