Seriously folks…

… 97 degrees? On June 5?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Anyhow, I suppose it is time for the latest installment of the gas price round-up. Prices in Athens are averaging an arm and a leg, being at $3.92/gallon, up one cent. Looking elsewhere across the 50 nifty United States:

Akron, Ohio: $3.88/gallon (down $0.08)
Anchorage, Alaska: $4.11/gallon (up $0.06)
Atlanta, Georgia: $3.98/gallon (up $0.05)
Baltimore, Maryland: $3.92/gallon (no change)
Boston, Massachusetts: $3.97/gallon (up $0.04)
Burlington, Vermont: $3.98/gallon (up $0.04)
Charlotte, North Carolina: $3.94/gallon (up $0.01)
Chicago, Illinois: $4.20/gallon (no change)
Cleveland, Ohio: $3.92/gallon (down $0.03)
Dallas, Texas: $3.86/gallon (up $0.03)
Denver, Colorado: $3.86/gallon (no change)
Detroit, Michigan: $4.01/gallon (down $0.04)
Honolulu, Hawaii: $4.07/gallon (up $0.10)
Indianapolis, Indiana: $3.88/gallon (down $0.06)
Las Vegas, Nevada: $4.02/gallon (up $0.14)
Los Angeles, California: $4.37/gallon (up $0.26)
Miami, Florida: $4.03/gallon (up $0.02)
Minneapolis, Minnesota: $3.83/gallon (up $0.02)
New York, New York: $4.27/gallon (Bronx) (up $0.08)
New York, New York: $4.27/gallon (Manhattan) (up $0.07)
Newark, New Jersey: $3.87/gallon (up $0.04)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: $3.76/gallon (steady)
Phoenix, Arizona: $4.00/gallon (up $0.18)
Sacramento, California: $4.40/gallon (up $0.22)
St Louis, Missouri: $3.87/gallon (up $0.10)
Salt Lake City, Utah: $3.90/gallon (up $0.09)
San Antonio, Texas: $3.82/gallon (up $0.02)
San Francisco, California: $4.36/gallon (up $0.15)
Seattle, Washington: $4.22/gallon (up $0.13)
Washington, DC: $4.09/gallon (up $0.06)

National Average: $3.99/gallon (up $0.04)

Gas prices culled from for all your price-fixing beating needs. Once again, please do not rely on blogginryan for your decision-making at the gas pump. This information is for informative purposes only and by reading this blog, you agree to indemnify the author if for any reason you should find yourself at the crummy end of a gas deal. Deal? Yeah. Check here: ( )

Crap, you can’t check that, can you? Oh well…

The national trend is up slightly, but the biggest jumps come in California, where prices in LA, Sacramento, and San Francisco shot up sharply over the past week. Wichita, Kansas, is seeing the lowest prices at the moment, averaging around $3.66 per gallon of 87 octane gasoline.

We’re on the verge of hitting a national average of $4.00/gallon, but will falling crude prices keep this from happening?

In other news, reports abound that HRC will be ending her campaign sometime soon, with Friday and Saturday being the most frequently stated days. I won’t believe it until it happens, though.

Did I mention it’s hot down here and it’s only going to get hotter before settling in the low 90s by mid next week? This weather is foul. G-d bless the South.



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