Gas price round-up for today, 5/22

Oil execs were “grilled” on Capitol Hill yesterday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, responding to inquiries from Senators on the nature, causes, and future of the current spike in crude oil and gasoline prices. Whilst our good friends at ExxonMobil et al are lining their pockets with massive ($40 billion, anyone?) profits, I want to take a look at what we’re paying nation-wide. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a new weekly thing – I don’t know…

Prices in Athens for 87 octane unleaded gasoline are averaging around $3.81/gallon. Let’s take a quick peak at how other portions of the state and nation are faring:

Akron, Ohio: $3.97/gallon
Anchorage, Alaska: $3.99/gallon
Atlanta, Georgia: $3.83/gallon
Baltimore, Maryland: $3.82/gallon
Boston, Massachusetts: $3.81/gallon
Burlington, Vermont: $3.80/gallon
Charlotte, North Carolina: $3.83/gallon
Chicago, Illinois: $4.15/gallon
Cleveland, Ohio: $3.95/gallon
Dallas, Texas: $3.76/gallon
Denver, Colorado: $3.72/gallon
Detroit, Michigan: $3.96/gallon
Honolulu, Hawaii: $3.89/gallon
Indianapolis, Indiana: $3.99/gallon
Las Vegas, Nevada: $3.74/gallon
Los Angeles, California: $3.94/gallon
Miami, Florida: $3.93/gallon
Minneapolis, Minnesota: $3.85/gallon
New York, New York: $4.08/gallon (Bronx)
New York, New York: $4.08/gallon (Manhattan)
Newark, New Jersey: $3.71/gallon
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: $3.70/gallon
Phoenix, Arizona: $3.67/gallon
Sacramento, California: $4.03/gallon
St Louis, Missouri: $3.80/gallon
Salt Lake City, Utah: $3.69/gallon
San Antonio, Texas: $3.74/gallon
San Francisco, California: $4.02/gallon
Seattle, Washington: $3.94/gallon
Washington, DC: $3.88/gallon

National Average: $3.82/gallon

(All prices from

Arizona has the lowest prices nationally and, not surprisingly, Hawaii averages highest.

Word is that prices are only looking to climb ever higher…

… tighten those belts and lighten those loads, unless you’ve got the disposable income to pay for this.



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