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Gas price roundup for 5/29/08

It’s that time of the week again, time for another gas price roundup. Prices in Athens for 87 octane unleaded gasoline this week are averaging around $3.91/gallon, a full ten cents up from last week. Let’s take a quick peak … Continue reading

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In memoriam

You gave your lives for usProtecting the liberties we enjoy You gave your lives for usDoing as you were commanded – selflessly You gave your lives for usKeeping the shores and borders free You gave your lives for usFighting for … Continue reading

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Gas price round-up for today, 5/22

Oil execs were “grilled” on Capitol Hill yesterday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, responding to inquiries from Senators on the nature, causes, and future of the current spike in crude oil and gasoline prices. Whilst our good friends at ExxonMobil … Continue reading

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Hamilton Jordan dies in Atlanta

Political stretegist Hamilton Jordan has died of cancer at the age of 63. Jordan, from southern Georgia, helped the peanuts farmer from Plains ascend to the Presidency and was made his Chief of Staff. He’s survived by his wife and … Continue reading

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Questions for George Will

In 5/19/2008’s issue of Newsweek, archetype conservative George Will posits a series of questions for John McCain, varying in the degrees of sense that they make. There is one question I generally take issue with, and this is not meant … Continue reading

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For once, I agree with Roland Martin

Because if it’s not on your lapel, it clearly must mean it doesn’t exist.

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The foresight of Jimmy Carter

BusinessWeek has some thoughts.

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