Would I be bitter?

You bet.

With all this feigned indignation being launched by the Clinton camp at the Obama camp over the so-called flap regarding the “ill-chosen” words by Senator Obama about the feelings of the working class in Pennsylvania, it is important to consider what these people who “cling to” their “guns and religion” would be bitter about.

Is it possible that these people are bitter about the failed leadership of the people they have successively elected to all levels of government? Could it be possible that Senator Clinton is a long-time part of that problem and has nothing to fix the problem except temporary bandages which only go so far to ultimately prolong the problems which ail this country?

Of course not. Nothing’s ever Hillary’s fault.

Senator Clinton, you try to exonerate yourself from the crimes of the failure of leadership in this country, but when it comes to review the evidence and the jury of the American people to render a verdict, you will find that they have convicted you and deny you and the former President Clinton another opportunity to squander a good chance at leading. So, Senator Clinton, I do say you have every right to pander away to the American people, but I do have faith in everyone else to see through your thinly-veiled charade for what it is: an attempt to continue the previous 28 years of mismanagement by the highest level of executive government in this country.



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