A really random find…

In an usual show of an attempt at transparency from the Bush administration, just over two months ago the TSA launched a blog to “inform” the travelling public what goes on with the TSA and to spread propaganda (not necessarily being a negative connotation in this instance) on the government’s activities. They seek to dispel the “myths” set forth by various news agencies, namely CNN, and convince the travelling public that things are safer than ever.

Like I said… an interesting find.

I found it via Blogger’s featured blogs Blogs of Note while meandering online.

In other news: A PPP poll (or as Drudge had it labelled: SHOCK POLL) has Obama up by 2 in PA. McCain sits by and grins as the Dems go at each other’s throats… but in an odd way, I think this extended process will actually help the Dems, it keeps the news focus on them, and as long as they kiss and make up at the end of it all, Obama will have no problem beating McCain in November.

That said, I’m now rooting for Bill Richardson to be the Secretary of State. I think Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer – or if he wants to reach out to ex-Hillaryphiles -Indiana Senator Evan Bayh might be good choices to fill the Vice Presidential slot and Hillary can finish out her Senatorial and political career rather ignominiously. Go team Billary!


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