16-0* (18-1, Perfection stays in 1972.)

Wow, what a finish to an otherwise boring game. Here’s a run-down on the notes I took during the game:

  • Tom Brady looked like he’s been thrown into the East River with the way his feet fail to move. The Pats O-line were his own Don Corleone.
  • -10 yds for the 2nd quarter until 1:25 remained in the quarter. W/ 22sec Brady finds arms and legs. — fumble.
  • Eli Manning very good, Giants o-line chokes in the clutch, that’s why they go into the 2nd 1/2 down 7-3.
  • Tom Brady gets tagged.
  • Giants break away in 4th quarter.
  • Pats miracle with under 4:00 to go.
  • JEEZ. 17-14, 35 sec to go.
  • 11 straight road wins?
  • 16-0 (18-1)? 16-0*?
  • Almost gets it Moss.
  • 4th and 20…
  • Game over.

And now the notes for the commercials:

  • FedEx “Pigeon Express”: Heh.
  • Pepsi Max “Night at the Roxbury”: Chris Kattan… wow. Blast from the past.
  • Bud Light “Fire Breathing No Longer Available”: Hahahahahaha.
  • Toyota Corolla “Ferocious Badgers”: Meh.
  • Garmin “Napoleon”: See above.
  • Career Builder “Follow Your Heart”: Lame and unnecessarily gross.
  • LifeWater “Thriller”: Dancing lizards… heh.
  • Carlos Mencia sucks.
  • Planters Cashews “Go With Your Instinct”: Kinky in that “Ohmigod I’m going to vomit” sort of way.
  • Justin Timberlake misses his balls.
  • Charles Barkley has no life.
  • Geico Commercial “WTF was up with that sitcom?”: Chuckle. Nothing more.
  • HALFTIME: Tom Petty sounds good. Pop standards, but good.
  • Cars.com “Witchdoctor”: Hardest laugh of the night from Holly, I think.
  • That website that helps with sales and leads: Racist twice.
  • Coke “Underdog v. Stewie”: Awwww… Charlie Brown finally wins!
  • E*Trade “Baby”: Two commercials, both insanely hilarious.
  • Bud Light “Jackie Moon”: Seriously, does Will Ferell only do one character now?
  • Amp “Fat Guy”: Foul x10.

That’s about it.

I hate the Giants. I hate Bill Belichick.


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