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Programming note

Dear all three of you that may read this from time to time, I will be en vacances (that’s on vacation for the Anglos) from Saturday the 23rd until Sunday the 2nd. Where am I going, you may ask? Well… … Continue reading

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The right of self-determination

In an era where assimilation is lauded when it is by choice and condoned when it is forced, I would be remiss in not applauding the Secretary of State in recognizing the independence of Kosovo. Congratulations, Kosovars. Your right to … Continue reading

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Thank you, Rep Lewis

US Rep John Lewis (D-GA) has withdrawn his support from Hillary Clinton and thrown it behind Barack Obama. Take that and ARG’s poll that has Obama now beating Clinton in the Texas primary, and things are beginning to look really … Continue reading

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Avec des yeux ouverts…

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France is facing an uproar following his proposal to have children “adopt” child victims of the Holocaust. I don’t generally see eye-to-eye with Sarkozy and his policies, but I think this one is a good one. … Continue reading

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Who is more likely to change the world of a child born in 2008?

In its endorsement, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s editorial board asks the right question: … Ohio Democrats have to ask themselves which candidate is more likely, first, to win the White House, and, then, to persuade a closely divided country to embrace … Continue reading

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Takeaways from Super Duper Tuesday

Last night was a very interesting chapter in the race to the nomination for President for both parties, but being a (D), I’m going to focus on my thoughts for those results. 1) BIG win for Obama in Georgia, with … Continue reading

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Georgia results as they come

Georgia Sec’y of State

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