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Breaking: Edwards leaving Presidential race

Former Senator John Edwards is abandoning his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination… Advertisements

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Florida, the demise of Giuliani, and a Clintonian "victory"

For those in the blogosphere who have been living under a rock or in Iraq for the last week, in particular the last twenty-four hours, brace yourselves: Florida had a primary yesterday and a “New Yorker” won. To the surprise … Continue reading

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Something to chew on

I am finding that this election season finds two competing value-sets in the Democratic Party. One of those value-sets is that of the old guard, of Senator Hillary Clinton, and of former President Bill Clinton. The other value-set is that … Continue reading

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Bobby Fischer, Anti-Semite, Dead at 64

Bobby Fischer, Chess Master, Dies at 64. He was a genius in chess, but in matters concerning Jews, Bobby Fischer certainly does not count among the righteous of the nations. -rl

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Romney’s first win – or is it?

It seems that the media are making much over Mitt Romney’s win in Michigan, proclaiming that it is his first victory and that the race for the GOP presidential nomination is further muddled in confusion. While the latter portion of … Continue reading

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Kerry chooses Obama

2004 Democratic Presidential candidate and perennial long-face man John Kerry has endorsed Barack Obama to be the Democratic Presidential candidate of 2008. Other news: Bill Richardson is to announce that he is dropping out of the race for the White … Continue reading

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A new link on the side…

I’m not one to post about my religion on the blog, as it’s something that’s very intensely private to me (although, that is changing very much), but I just wanted to announce the addition of The Chosen Blog to the … Continue reading

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