It’s mid-October…

The Wicked Witch of Wichita

Hotline On Call is reporting that the AP reports that Sam Brownback is dropping out of the Republican race for President. Someone apparently decided to remind Brownback that he’s not in Kansas anymore.

Flavorite Son

Pundito-extraordinario Stephen Colbert announces that he will be running for President in his home state of South Carolina as a Democrat, a Republican, and as a favorite son. No word as to whether Americone Dream will become Americone Reality.

Still Not Gay

Larry Craig and his sidekick Lumpy – err… Mrs. Larry Craig – want us to know that Larry Craig isn’t gay, has never been gay, and will never be gay. Talk about standing by your man, Larry.

Congress Less Popular Than President, But Still More Popular Than Plague

Speaking of standing… around and doing nothing, Zogby/Reuters released a national poll indicating that President Bush’s approval rating resumed its decline, dropping to 24%. Congress’ approval ratings were less than half those of the President’s – a mere 11% of those surveyed approved of the job that Congress was doing. Incidentally, the 11% that did think Congress was doing a good job were Congresspeople.

3-1, Cleveland.

The Tribe continue their magical season with game 5 of the ALCS tonight at Jacobs Field in Cleveland. No word whether Manny Ramirez has pulled his head out of his…



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