Predictions for the Postseason

One-Game Playoff, NL Wildcard – Colorado Rockies v. San Diego Padres

The Rockies have been on fire to close out the season and I expect little to change when they beat the Padres to lock-up the National League Wildcard spot for their first playoff berth since the 1995 Rockies.

ALDS – New York Yankees v. Cleveland Indians

The Indians went 0-6 against the Yankees during the regular season and despite some massive improvement in the pitching staff over the last month, I find it a little hard to believe that they will beat the Yankees in this series. Regardless, I still believe. Indians in 4.

ALDS – Boston Red Sox v. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Disneyworldland, California

The Red Sox slipped in the last month – will that follow them into the postseason? I think it might. Despite some poor performances to close out the month, namely that 16-2 blowout at Texas, I think Angels’ bats will shine and ultimately take the series from the Red Sox in 5 games.

NLDS – New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies v. Colorado Rockies

The Phillies are in the playoffs by the grace of a Mets collapse of historic proportions and going 17-12 in the last month. Philadelphia went 3-4 against the Rockies this year. Rockies went 20-8 in the last month and will be going into the postseason on a hot streak. Tough call, I think. Rockies in 5.

NLDS – Chicago Cubs v. Arizona Diamondbacks

I think this is the 1st year the Cubs have been in the postseason since Steve Bartman. The NL Central sucked this year and the Subs – er – Cubs are only in by the grace of being a mediocre team in a crap division. The curse stands. D’backs in 3.

Those are my calls. Leave comments on what you think.



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1 Response to Predictions for the Postseason

  1. redhorse says:

    Disneyworldland, that’s hilarious.One bone to pick: the Cubs have played the best NL baseball since mid-June so I’ll take the Cubs in 5.

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