Ahmadinejad, Mahmood – (n., proper) – Current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

As I’ve been perusing the news channels this AM, there’s been a clear want for substantial coverage on Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia University yesterday. Take for example the following banner on MSNBC’s Scarborough (blech, to that end) Country: Ahmadinejad gets “schooled” at Columbia.

Nothing really substantive other than all the usual talk machines acting as propagandists against Ahmadinejad and for Bush’s drumming up support for another war in his Messianic bid to bring about the end times. Whether we like it or not, Ahmadinejad was able to answer the questions posed to him very well, with maybe the exception of there be no homosexuals in Iran and that his government doesn’t torture them and moreover calling homosexuality a fad in Western culture… wait a tic, how can he and Bush be enemies?

Anyhow, Ahmadinejad’s performance yesterday proved his ability at being diplomatic, I daresay better than a certain 43rd President, and that he is scarily witty, still hates Israel, and talks willingly of cooperating with the United States, placing the US in the none-too-unfamiliar position of looking like the bad guy. While Bush tries to divert the collective attention of the country away from this, certain media sources have noted Ahmadinejad’s playing a hand which almost forces the American hand.

What next?


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