Reports of my demise were unsubstantiated…

Wow, that was an extended absence from the blogosphere, but I’m back and ready to roll.

Georgia is home to 24 of the fastest growing counties in the United States, mostly counties in the northern half of the state.

From Georgia Public Radio:

Blue Ridge Mountains Growing Fast
September 19, 2007 – 3:15 PM
By Ashley Horn – Rome, GA

Georgia has 24 of the nation’s fastest growing counties, the majority in North Georgia near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Fannin County in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains has grown the most. This is mainly because of so-called “half-backs,” or Northerners who moved south to Florida and are purchasing a second home half way back.

Kristen Gunia is Fannin County Director of Development. Gunia, who is from the North, said that living in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a geographical compromise between North and South.

“We are a fairly moderate climate all year round, in the 60’s and 70’s. We do have some snow but very little and so its kind of an ideal midpoint location where they can get out of the heat but not have to go back to the snows and some of those things either,” Gunia said.

Most owners don’t live in Fannin county full time, so there is plenty of time for the economy to adjust to the growth, said Gunia.

I wonder how the halfbacks are feeling after the heat of this past August…

I’ve added a link to the UGA Hillel blog.

Not much else for the time being.


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