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The Amazing Disappearing City

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the lamest show on Earth! That’s right, it’s Cleveland, the one and only AMAZING DISAPPEARING CITY! has the story on declining population. 440,000 people. 40th largest city in the nation. A far cry from … Continue reading

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Look different?

I finally upgraded to the 3-column layout after wanting to do so since having the domain. I think it looks good. H/T to Thur’s Blogger Templates. After trying not to pay attention to the Paris Hilton saga, apathy overcame … Continue reading

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Money talks

And as such, it is protected by the First Amendment. Election Law has the lowdown on the SCOTUS ruling and possible implications. The decision is FEC vs. Wisconsin Right To Life, Inc. It disturbs me that we are once again … Continue reading

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On the blogs I read and the ones I might stop reading

I used to think that blogging was a way to create ideas and engender debate about serious issues. That was a primary reason why I began blogging about politics versus kvetching about my life and the (crap) music I listen … Continue reading

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Hey, did you know there was an election today?

Continuing the ever recurrent theme of my periodic benign neglect for this blog, it seems it’s high time for me to, at the very least, say something about the special election scheduled today to replace the deceased Rep. Charlie Norwood … Continue reading

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