Georgia debating raising the minimum wage

As I left a state whose voters had just decided to raise the minimum wage, I came to a state whose legislature was considering such a proposal. Georgia legislators will be considering a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $7.25/hr and $3.60/hr for tipped employees.

From 26 January’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Minimum wage workers in Georgia could see their first pay raise in a decade, under a bill introduced today.

Senate Bill 13 would increase minimum wage in the state from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour. The 41-percent jump would occur in two steps, putting $7.25 an hour in workers’ paychecks by Jan. 1.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Robert Brown, D-Macon, was assigned to the Insurance and Labor Committee. It’s likely to face opposition in the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

Backers say SB 13 goes further than a federal bill on minimum wage being considered by Congress. Farm workers and home health care aides, for instance, would be covered in the Georgia bill. Tip workers could see their base pay rise from $2.13 an hour to $3.60 an hour.

The bill also includes an inflationary trigger.

The (R)s control the Legislature, so it’s going to be tough moving on this one.

A new “If I ran things around here” is forthcoming and keep your eyes peeled to the blogroll, I’ll be linking to the websites OR blogs of all declared Democratic candidates for the 2008 elections. If I’m feeling so inclined, I may also add the Republicans.



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