John Kerry finally makes a politically saavy move

Massachusetts Senator and 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry announced today that he would not be seeking the same office he sought in 2004, but rather is focusing on getting re-elected to a fifth term in the Senate and organizing opposition to the war in Iraq.

The NYT article here.

I must applaud Senator Ghoul… err… Kerry, from Taxa… er… Massachusetts for finally understanding that his foot may be too much for his mouth and that his days seeking an office that demands less goofy-lookingness are, once and for all, over. The last thing the Democrats need is an individual whose last public foray was a terribly botched “joke” that further cast him as some sort of aloof Northeast “liberal”.

What does this mean? It appears to me the Democratic 2008 nomination race is becoming everyone vs. Hillary campaign. A John Kerry absence from it removes all sorts of levels of distraction.

For once, Senator Kerry, a decision that is right. And for that, I applaud you.


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