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Snopes debunks claim about Obama

H/T to Donklephant. Here is the Snopes article. What can we do when people who are below spinmeisters attack someone like Obama? Fight back with truth. Maybe that’s why John Kerry lost. That or he was a heinous candidate. No … Continue reading

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Speaking of straw polls…

Here’s a random find from the Maricopa County, Arizona GOP. From Sonoran Alliance: On Saturday, January 13th at the Maricopa County Republican meeting, a straw poll was conducted on the 2008 Presidential candidates and the reasons why the Republican faithful … Continue reading

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The PBD straw poll: Obama wins

Redhorse, over at Psychobilly Democrat, posted the results of a straw poll taken amongst “local” (including bloggers). I use the parentheses with local, as I must disclose that I was a participant in the straw poll and am no longer … Continue reading

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John Kerry finally makes a politically saavy move

Massachusetts Senator and 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry announced today that he would not be seeking the same office he sought in 2004, but rather is focusing on getting re-elected to a fifth term in the Senate and organizing … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the SOTU

Pretty much as I expected and was covered in the ABP that I posted previously. Seeing McCain asleep on FNC made my night, though. Drudge had a story of McCain’s “two-eye rest” up with a screenshot. I’ll have to dig … Continue reading

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SOTU propaganda from the POTUS’ office

Read it before he botches it.

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State of the Union: Upset

President Bush will be delivering the State of the Union address tonight. I don’t expect anything surprising, just more justification of the war in Iraq and calls for bipartisanship now that he’s dealing with two (D) chambers. No grand plans. … Continue reading

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