30% – That’s like 90% given amongst three people?

Zogby‘s numbers on President Bush’s approval rating are out… and I gotta say it, 90% isn’t bad. But I cannot lie! That’s only what it could be if the US were run by a triumvirate of Bushes and we combined approval ratings.

President Bush has lost support all across the board:

Support for the President waned in key demographic groups, the Zogby poll shows. Among all Republicans, just 60% gave him a positive job rating, while 39% gave him negative marks. Just 9% of Democrats and 22% of political independents gave him good marks for his work. Among married respondents – typically a group who favors Republicans – just 35% said Bush was doing a positive job. Among men, another favorable GOP demographic, just 31% gave him positive marks, while 69% gave him a negative rating. Even among stalwart Born Again respondents, just 43% had positive ratings for the President on his overall job performance.

I remember hearing an expression at one point that went to the effect of “you know you’re doing a good job when you’re pissing people off.” Somehow I don’t think this is what the expression’s originator(s) had in mind.

I find that it’s mind-blowing that at one point in this guy’s presidency he actually did have a 90% approval rating. The foolish decisions that have been made in the interim have not only hurt us, George, it looks like they’ve also hurt you.

And maybe you’ll have learned, but I doubt it. And maybe we’ll have learned…


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