This one is for MJ

Things never seem to change at my alma mater. Its old conservative… er… “traditional” roots seem to have found fertile ground amongst certain residents of Lang Hall. In this week’s issue of the Exponent, Matthew Jurick chimes in on the revival of racism on the campus of Baldwin-Wallace College.

The hatred knows no end, does it?
Matthew J. Jurick

Everything quieted down and a sense of normalcy seemed to return to Emma Lang Hall. Of course, something as ugly as hatred never really goes away that easily, does it?

I was both suprised and completely disgusted to hear that the racist acts of hatred are continuing STILL in Lang. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, why the hell is this shit still happening? I was talking with one of the ustodians for my dorm (by the way, Baglet custodians ARE the best custodians ever), and she was telling me that now there has been intentional flooding going on in the third floor of the V-Vault. It’s honestly gotten to the point now where it’s no longer warranting the, “Oh my God! This is terrible!” response from me. Now it’s just, “Oh yeah? The racist idiots know no end, do they?”

If you are one of these racist idiots of whom I speak, then please know this: in the beginning, I was a big proponent of not chucking your ass out of here, as that would only further reinforce you now-seemingly bottomless pit of hatred and ignorance. Now? Now I’m not so sure I want racist idiots who refuse point-blank to consider reason attending the same school that’s going to be stamped on my diploma.

Did you think by coming to COLLEGE you wouldn’t be exposed to black people? Because if you honestly thought that, then you really don’t deserve to be here on lack of intelligence alone. College is about learning, not just about academic matters, but social matters – the matters that REALLY count in life.

On a sidenote but still somewhat related, I am a big supporter of equality for all people. I found it particularly disheartening that the creator of the “Gay? NOT fine by B-W” group was a member of a recently persecuted minority group here on campus. If you expect the campus to rally around you when you get discriminated against, you better grow up and stop perpetuating the ignorance.

I have one request, really, and this is to anyone here who shows any form of ignorance: grow up, or get the hell out because hatred is certainly not welcome here.

Matthew Jurick is the Editor-in-Chief for the Baldwin-Wallace College Exponent, the student-run newspaper.


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1 Response to This one is for MJ

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, I wish I could say I can’t believe stuff like this is going on at BW… But, it could be worse I suppose. Did anyone get pushed out a second story window or held at gunpoint?-Christi

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