Learn and Earn: The Corrupt Bargain

Turns out that Learn and Earn wasn’t just a corrupt bargain for our kids, but also for its field-level employees. This is from the blog of a former office director whose name has been removed:

Finally… and I do mean FINALLY… I am off of the campaign trail.

Issue 3, Learn & Earn, was a wild ride for me. I had so many staff come and go, went through several layers of changes, and even quit my job three seperate times — all resulting in increased wages & benefits.

Many of you have asked if I was upset to be layed off after each campaign cycle, and the answer is no. The best thing about working on campaigns in the unemployment through the holidays. You get to sit back, relax, visit with family and friends, not to mention catch up on all of the little things that you missed over the year.

I enjoying working on campaigns because I get to meet alot of new people and make new friends. If it were not for Issue 3, I would not have met cool people like … and so many others.

It was and continues to be a pleasure to work with those individuals and to establish a relationship that will last. Campaigns, especially grassroots campaigns, are about the people — on the ground — talking and establishing a connection — and that’s my favorite part of my job.

I do have to say however that although my employer during the campaign, Field Works, did treat me exceptionally well — for one reason or another, they continued to screw up the hourly and daily staff wages week after week since April.

My only hope is that people have a voice and stand up and say that they were not paid correctly or on time and that these issues are resolved. Although these issues are no longer my responsibility to solve, I feel it is the humanly decent thing to do and therefore I will attempt to help everyone with their pay roll issues to the best of my ability.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, as there will be many others now that I have down time. I am single and have a lot of free time, so keep those date requests coming — the appointment calender is filling up fast.

As always: The views expressed on this blog do not necessarily represent those views of the staff, management, or advertisers of this blog of John Doe Worldwide. đŸ˜€

How’s that for you?



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1 Response to Learn and Earn: The Corrupt Bargain

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Anthony Caldwell should fess up to the hand he played in the general mess that was his office.

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