Dem pickups…

As of right now, Dems hold even in the Senate (47+2) against the Republicans (49). Races in Virginia and Montana are yet to be decided, with Democrats holding small (less than 9,000) vote leads in both races.

I called the Senate to go 50-50. Control is still up in the air.

Dems control the House, currently leading 227-194, with 14 contests still up in the air.

I called the House to go 235-200. Control is firmly with the Democrats, to what degree remains to be seen.

State constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage pass in 7 of 8 states, with AZ’s being too close to call.

Ohio issues 2 and 5 pass. Ohio issues 3 and 4 fail. Issue 1 (Worker’s Compensation legislation repeal), although on many ballots, was booted from the official ballot. Any votes cast for or against the issue were not counted and the law that the state legislature passed remains on the books.

Sherrod Brown: first Democrat since John Glenn to get elected to the US Senate from Ohio. Current delegation – George Voinovich (R)

Ted Strickland: first Democrat to move into the Guv’s house in 16 years.

Dems sweep most statewide offices, except Auditor still being too close to call. Dems made gains in both the State Senate and State House, but not enough to take control of either chamber.

Mike DeWine: “This was not the year. We could not win.”


Now that the election season is over, I’m going to be converting into a state and national policy observation blog. Kevin Coughlin is my State Senator. It appears that John Widowfield, whose ANNOYING campaign mail kept getting sent here, is my State Representative.



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