Polls: Ohio Senate – Brown (D) up 6% on DeWine (R)

A poll released by USAToday/Gallup shows Democratic US Senate candidate Sherrod Brown up 6% on incumbent Mike DeWine among likely voters. That lead is only two percent when the question is limited to registered voters.

Among likely voters:

BROWN: 46%
Undecided: 14%

Unfortunately, the crosstabs are not up on the site.

Ted Strickland (D) currently continues to thump Ken Blackwell (R) – leading in the poll among likely voters by 16%. No word on registered voters.

And a question: which is the larger sample: registered voters or likely voters? I pose the question because simply being registered to vote does not necessarily make you any more likely to vote. I’m not sure which numbers should be taken with more credence because of my relative greenness to this entire poll-parsing thing.

So… with that said…

Is anybody looking to hire a fresh, young progressive who wants to make Ohio turn blue (but not in the face)? Contact me at ryanneedsajob@i’monlykidding(kinda).com.

Er, yeah.


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