Ohio confirms it: Taft ranks 50th among Governors

In a SurveyUSA poll released yesterday, Ohio Governor Bob Taft (R) ranks at the very bottom in approval numbers. What is most surprising is Taft’s relative strength amongst 18-34 year olds… pulling in an astonishing 24% approval rating (though 69% disapprove and 7% are unsure). Compare this to the next-highest age bracket, 35-54, where Taft’s approval registers at 13% and has a disapproval rating of 84%.

Among Republicans Taft sits at 22% while he’s approved by 9% of Democrats.

I wish there was an easy way to find out the methodology of the poll. There’s no way that Taft should be pulling 24% amongst the youth.

Anyhow, a further parsing of the numbers shows Taft is weakest where Republicans wanted to make the most gains: Hispanic voters. Only 6% of Hispanic adults approve of Taft’s job and 94% disapprove of his Governorship. Ken Blackwell (R-nominee Governor) must be scratching his head at these numbers… and probably wanting to kick Taft’s ass.

So, to restate the obvious, Bob Taft makes Ohio bad.


(EDIT: In a 600-person survey, Hispanics composed 2% of the respondents. 11 of the 12 Hispanics surveyed disapproved of Taft’s job. Since the sample size is so paltry, those results must be taken with a salt shaker.)

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