I just do the paperwork

Pho’s got a pretty harsh entry on Ohio Learn and Earn.

I understand the concerns that he raises and they are valid concerns.

We’ll leave it at that as I try to sort through how I would address those concerns.

I don’t think that this should be viewed as a panacea to the issue of rising tuition costs and do not believe that the campaign has passed itself off as such. However, mildly deceptive advertising does tend to throw the main issue (first two words of the title) out the window.

My general feeling towards the whole matter is that a) gambling should be legalized because b) other states around Ohio are taking in Ohioans and their money. Sure, gambling does convey that you can get something for effectively nothing. So does the lottery. TINSTAAFL, right?

The ODP and party machinery need to step away from Ohio Learn and Earn… it’s political poison. Let Ohio Learn and Earn run its course and die. Just stay away. Although, there is a significant question as to whether or not it will get on the ballot in the 1st place. But that’s my secret.

That’s that for now.


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