Looking up for Democrats?

In a poll conducted May 11-12, 2006, by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, any generic Democrat led any generic Republican for the 2008 Presidential election. If only it were May 2008 and not May 2006. These indications, however, are good for the midterm elections this November.

The numbers are as follows:

“Now thinking ahead to the next presidential election in November 2008: In general, would you rather see a Republican or a Democrat elected as our next president in 2008?” Options rotated

Republican (%) Democrat (%) Other Party (%) Unsure
ALL Adults 31 50 2 17
Republicans 84 3 1 12
Democrats 1 91 0 8
Independents 24 45 3 28

I think the key number to note is the 45% in the D-leaning Independent… if that breaks 50% and trends upward, the Ds will have a good thing going for them and November 2006 will be theirs to lose.

Now let’s win this thing.


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