Kucinich – OH 13 – Things of debate

On Wednesday, April 26, 2006, the City Club of Cleveland held a debate among the Democratic candidates for the 13th Congressional District. I’ve been assisting Gary Kucinich (yes, Dennis’ brother) with his candidacy. He’s a long-shot candidate, pulling 12% in a recent WKYC poll in this 8-way race. Three of his opponents, Betty Sutton, Capri Cafaro, and Tom Sawyer, all pulled 24% in the same WKYC poll.

Gary did well, I think, but there are too many shades of Dennis in his rhetoric. I can pick out one thing in particular… on the Iraq war: UN in, US out.

It didn’t work for Dennis running for President… somehow I’m doubting it’s going to work for Gary running for Congress. I support the principles behind it, but the delivery needs to be refined.

As for not voting for Dennis… his total intransigence of late has been leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, though I can’t say much for Barbara Anne Ferris’ apparent outburst at a Kucinich event, demanding to know why he wouldn’t debate her. She has every right to do that, just it seemed totally self-defeating and certainly not politically sensible.

I still expect DJK to win the nomination, just without my support this time. Or the Plain Dealer’s… or alot of other people who have supported him in the past. New call: 58% K – 42% F.

And if Dennis is too stubborn to see the message that the district is trying to send him with a close result like that, I’m voting for an (R) in the general.


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