Kucinich ’06

As you may or may not know about your one true blogginryan, I worked on Dennis Kucinich’s quixotic run for the Presidency during Fall Semester 2003. I met Dennis a couple times and have seen him several times since. This spring he is facing a primary challenge from a Barbara Ferris, whose political credentials are marginal, at best. Barbara ran as an independent for OH-10 in 2004 in a three-way race that included Kucinich, Ferris, and Ed Herman (R).

Dennis won that race with a 60% majority, Herman coming in a distant second with 34% of the vote, and Ferris fairing dismally, totalling a whopping 6% of the vote.

Ferris could barely muster up 1/10th the support that Kucinich has and one has to wonder why she is running for Congress when it is fairly apparent to even the casual observer that Dennis will have her for dinner at Ferris’ Family Steakhouse. The Gods Might Be Crazy, but thinking Ferris will make any headway is crazy.

This brings up Ed Herman, 2nd best loser from the 2004 OH-10 race. Herman is running in the primary to take Sally Conway Kilbane’s seat in the Ohio House of Representatives (16-Rocky River). Given his relative success against Kucinich – no one since Martin Hoke in 1996 had put up such a strong effort against him – one has to imagine that he’ll do well… and given that the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections indicates (see pg 5) that he’s running unopposed, he’s practically a shoo-in. I’d keep an eye on Herman, he may be going places and the Dems need to control that.

As for DJK, he’s got a general election challenge from the Republicans in the form of Mike Dovilla, BW grad, or some guy named Jason Werner.

Oh, did I say challenge? I meant feast. Mark another term in for Dennis, barring some disaster.

That’s it for now.


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2 Responses to Kucinich ’06

  1. Ryan says:

    Oh my god! Anonymous posters! Insults!Bye bye!

  2. Ryan says:

    Oh my god! Another anonymous poster! More insults!Bye bye once more!

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