Drink, drank, drunk.

As your humble blogger begins to blog today, he is listening to a student, age unknown, lament over the criticism levied against him by a female acquaintance (girlfriend, perhaps) over his perchant towards alcoholism.


In a condescending and mocking tone he goes, “Well, I think your drinking makes you look unprofessional and wah wah wah.”


I haven’t touched alcohol in any amount in the last couple of weeks, not even a passing beer. I’ve noticed that since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve got more motivation and I don’t smell like vodka and tonic when I get out of the…

… shower.

Although that last thing was done in jest, the fact of the matter is that motivation has been driving me and making me accomplish loads without the aid of alcohol. Heck, even my social life has improved… kinda.

Not really.


I remember being a freshman and working in downtown Cleveland on Saturdays for four hours. I’d get plastered up on Saturday and either a) not show up or b) show up with a potent hangover. Looking back on that, it could be regarded as being thoroughly unprofessional.

Luckily there aren’t any pictures of me holding a can of Natural Light or anything like that. (Whew.)

Here’s to kicking the bottle.

Here’s to another one.


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