Monkey Wrench

I want to be a spin doctor. I really do. I’d love to take other people’s words completely out of context and lie about what they meant. Let’s take that dumbass who was on the Today show on behalf of the Bush campaign. John Kerry had been quoted in a New York Times Magazine interview this weekend saying that terrorism should not be the overriding concern of every American and that it should not keep every American afraid, but rather just some nuisance (or something to that effect.) I think he’s right. People should not all be acting like some sort of collective Chicken Little, looking for the sky to fall with Osama’s next breath.

And then… there’s the Ragin’ Cajun himself… James Carville. Yeah, he was also on Today. For once, I wasn’t entirely irritated by him. However, he too relied on some ill-witted comment that Bush made about the war on terror being unwinnable. Well… I don’t know. He professes himself to be a powerful leader, but when we have a leader who conveys that to his people, well… how powerful should we really think he is?

I just saw a Swift Boat Vets for Truth ad for the first time as I listened to the news as I typed. Ugh. God forbid someone admit that we did wrong. God forbid that… gasp… John Kerry tell the Congress the… gasp… TRUTH… about atrocities that did occur in Vietnam. Has everyone just conveniently forgotten My Lai? Hell, Abu Ghraib? We know our soldiers can do some very base things.

Makes me sick.


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