Thoughts on things of debate…

Well, I can say with certainty that Dick Cheney performed head and shoulders above President Bush tonight and that the President needs to review Thursday’s tapes and tonight’s tapes to make sure he doesn’t make himself look like a fool again.

John Edwards held his ground, and did so well, against the VP tonight. I commend him for that, although I’ll admit I felt letdown a bit after thinking that he’d just have the complete smackdown on the VP. I forgot how well the veep performs under these situations.

Nothing too new was debated on foreign policy and anything domestic was basically new ground, as the debate on Thursday was a foreign policy primer. Some interesting moments did occur when VP Cheney thanked Senator Edwards for effectively commending him and his family on their attitude to their openly homosexual daughter. I’ll admit I have one soft spot for Cheney and that was when he came out and said that he thinks the entire gay marriage question is a states’ rights issue. Not that I think it should be abolished, but that the federal government shouldn’t be touching it (or any other government for that matter.) Aside from that, I don’t much care for the VP.

I may post more tomorrow morning if I have more coherent thoughts.


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