Smells Like Chicken

With 27 days between now and November 2, we can officially say that we are into the homestretch of this political season… of course some people have been saying this since July. The major conventions are now but (not so) fond memories and so are the primaries and caucuses of January and Super Tuesday.

Where did time go? Who are the Swift Boat Vets for Truth? Why did George W Bush look like he got sideswiped by Ted Kennedy’s car at the first Presidential debate? And how do people still have faith in this man and his (in)ability to think on his feet? Does John Kerry really flip-flop or does his position lose meaning in his verbosity?

These will be the questions that will be confronted, among millions of others, by voters in the 27 days leading up to election day.

CNN is currently reporting that Iraq had no WMD but… that Saddam had the intent to make arms if sanctions were lifted. Iraq also worked to subvert the efforts of the oil for food programme that the UN had initiated, according to the report. Conservatives had that right, regarding Saddam subverting the programme. Concession made. There.

However… the report issued by the CIA will also expose nations and companies illicitly engaging in business with Iraq. The list should be interesting, especially given the nature of some of the charges made by Senator Edwards last night regarding Halliburton… and I’m not talking about no-bid contracts, either.

No perspective right now. That’d require thought… and… ugh… work. More later… maybe.


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